Why Cyber Security should be a priority for your business – and five things you can do right now to improve it…

As businesses we operate in an ever more connected world – this brings great opportunities but also a great number of potential threats.
Cyber security incidents have always been prevalent, and these days, are very much headline news. As businesses expand and advance their use of technology, the threats are on the increase, particular now most businesses operate an ever-present, online method of working.
Every industry sector is at risk, irrespective of size, location or type of systems they use.

Experience of breaches

A recent government survey has highlighted a number of surprising statistics:-

– As many as 74% of UK business say that cyber security is a high priority for their senior management
– Only 33% have a formal policy covering cyber security risks
– Just under half of all UK business identified at least one security breach in the last 12 months
– Just one in ten have a cyber security incident management plan in place.

The percentage of businesses affected by a cyber-attack is shown below:

Financial Implications

Security breaches more often than not result in a financial implication for the business – 46% of businesses that detected a breach in the last 12 months faced an average cost of £1570 as a direct result of the breach.

Nature of breaches

Among the 46% of businesses who identified and reported an attack, the impact of the breaches varied as detailed in the graphic below:


The bottom line here is that many businesses, and most likely your business, needs to make cyber security a higher priority than it is at the moment, to prevent possible loss in revenue, downtime and your business’s reputation.

Here are 5 tips which can help move your business in the right direction when it comes to improving your cyber-security:

Backups – ensure your business has a robust backup strategy, including an offsite or cloud backup system which will mitigate any loss of data in the event of ransomware type attacks.

Staff & employee training – it is important to ensure employees have access to training on best practises to keep your systems secure from threats on the internet via email and websites.

Web & Email Filtering – Make sure you use efficient web and mail filtering to ensure you reduce the risk of unwanted content getting through – not just relying on staff to know what is safe and what isn’t.

Anti-virus Protection – You must ensure that every PC on your network has up to date anti-virus software installed and are set to update and patch Windows automatically. Out of date software is one of the most common ways PCs become infected. If you have employees with laptops this is a must-have.

Insurance – consider taking up coverage as an extension to your existing liability policy – many providers now offer this; breaches not only cost you money in lost revenue and customers, but can cost very large sums to clean up.

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