Deep South IT turn to Avocor™ for supply of VividTouch large format interactive displays…

Since the demise of Steljes as the sole supplier / distributor of Vividtouch interactive LED displays and associated products a few months back it was essential that we identified a new supplier to enable us to continue to support our Educational establishments with their requirements.

After several phone calls trying to establish the options to obtain them in place of Steljes we finally found out that Avocor had taken over the reigns and promptly discussed with them how their supply and service would function moving forward.

And we have to say that so far we have been impressed – particularly with the pricing and support shown by Avacor since we commenced dealings with them.

We have since installed, over the last few months, a total of 9 Vividtouch VTE-6500s in one of our supported Primary Schools. In fact we do not now  install LED large format displays by any other company having had experience of at least 2 other brands.

In our opinion they are our preferred interactive large format display product in terms of style, design, functionality and above all quality – these seem to have an edge in this area against competing products and have an overall “higher-end” feel about them.

We currently sell a bundle for supply and installation in educational establishments (see here for more information and pricing), combining them with the following items:

  • Chief™ fixed wall bracket which we have found to be an excellent well-made product well up top the task of securely fixing the display to the wall.
  • The Roth™ audio soundbar. This is one of our preferred audio solutions due to it’s competitive price and it being superior in performance and power when compared to rivals.
  • SMART® Learning Suite software 3 year license. This is the most commonly used interactive collaboration software package used in learning environments. Purchasing this license gives you the latest version plus the option to upgrade to any new version released for a period of 3 years in addition to technical support.


If you would like some more information about the products and services discussed in this article or any other IT related matter then please contact us via e-mail at or by telephone on 020 325 5000.

We look forward to working with you.

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