HP 10 EE G1 Tablet – Camera not working following upgrade to Windows 10…?

After upgrading a large number of these tablet devices at one of the schools Deep South IT support to Microsoft’s Windows 10 as an in place upgrade from the factory installed Windows 8.1, it came to light that the camera facility stopped working…. When the camera tile was tapped, nothing happened. A quick check of the tablet assured us that there were no missing drivers or disabled devices yet still no response to running the camera app. It seemed as if the device no longer had a camera and in fact on one of the tablets there wasn’t even a camera listed in “Device Manager”. On other devices an error code popped up upon trying to run the camera app – 0xa00f4246.


A quick search online showed that this error relates to the camera app not being able to initialise the driver but otherwise we were none the wiser so the next step was to head over to the HP site and look for the tablet’s support page where we noticed that there were a number of updates that could do the trick, including a much newer firmware version than that shipped with our device.

In the end we fixed it by updating the BIOS/firmware and Chipset Driver Pack which include the camera drivers to the latest version available on the HP site and that enabled us to start using the camera again on the tablets running Windows 10.

Click here for the HP 10 EE G1 tablet support page to download the necessary drivers if you are having the same problem.

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