Intel’s NUC Mini PC, small really is beautiful…

Intel NUC board and kit

Intel’s NUC (Intel “Next Unit of Computing”) is a mighty powerful computer with a very small footprint. This has to be one of the smallest high performance desktops available on the market today.

The NUC barebones computer comes in 2 main profile sizes with dimensions of 115mm x 111mm x 48mm or the smaller height of 32mm (the new NUC6i7KYK is a different format available May 2016) . They come with a choice of 3 processors – the Intel i3, i5 or i7. The only items that need to be added for a fully functioning computer are memory, storage and an operating system.

Storage is by way of either M.2 SSD Card (max capacity at the time of writing 1TB) or the more cost effective 2.5” HDD or 2.5” SSD internal storage with capacities of 4TB plus. Memory capacity is a maximum of 32GB which is more than enough for most uses. So not only is this computer small and powerful it is highly configurable and adaptable for every budget and use.

The NUC has a very slick, useful and informative GUI BIOS interface which provides masses of information and configuration.

The Intel NUC range has many uses and benefits:

Home entertainment / theatre system, digital signage, home or office computer:

All Intel NUC’s have an: Intel 1080 HD or Ultra HD graphics card Sound 7.1 or 8.1 via the HDMI card On board 10/100/1000GB Ethernet and the latest 802.11AC wireless technology. These NUC’s happily run Windows 7 and Windows 10, (We have not tested other operating systems, but hope to in the near future). You could even use one as a gaming computer with the new super powerful NUC6i7KYK available May 2016.


There are so many advantages to the tiny NUC computer:

First and foremost it has a very small footprint taking up almost no desk space or the computer can be attached so the back of your monitor via a VESA mount, effectively creating an all-one-computer, without the need of a large noisy base unit taking up lots of room.

And with the M.2 SSD storage drive installed performance compared to a standard desktop is blistering.

Deep South IT has tested and installed several of these fantastic systems for our customers:nuc2

On one customer site we had a very small location to site a digital signage system. The NUC5i5RYK with 250 GB M.2 SSD storage and 8 GB memory was the perfect solution. Connected to a large format display screen in the reception area of the school via a very long HDMI cable, the screen and NUC are several metres apart. The NUC is placed on a book shelf out of view and is accessed via remote desktop or VN remote; this is an always on solution and has been running silently for more than 8 months without a single issue. Staff can easily connect it to change the file running the display quickly and easily.

For other customers we have attached NUC5i5RYK with wireless keyboard and mouse to Flat Panel LED interactive displays, again this is a good high performance, space saving and secure solution.

From streaming media to complex spreadsheets we say the Intel NUC range is “amazing” and we would definitely recommend them. Our next project is to test one as our office server and to see how it performs with a VM ware ESXi system installed, so come back soon for more of Deep South IT Blogs or register at the newsletter link above to receive updates.



If you would like to purchase an Intel NUC or find out more about an Intel NUC solution or any other service we provide, contact us at Deep South IT via e-mail or call on 020 8325 5000.





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