Why you should consider outsourcing your business’s IT Support to a Managed Service Provider

We operate in a digital age where most business processes and communications require some degree of technology; these technologies are always developing and our reliance upon them growing, accordingly having the right team to manage your business’s IT becomes increasingly important.

Perhaps your business is expanding and you see an increasing need for an appropriate IT support solution for Small Businesses but hiring full-time computer support just isn’t something you can manage right now.

Whilst it’s great to have your own in-house IT Support function – familiar with your business, your systems & your operational requirements – not many individuals are highly skilled in all areas of data management. This means that at least one or some areas of your IT Support & Management are compromised and this can have a serious impact on your business.

But in most scenarios there’s an alternative way to achieve this:

Hiring – or more specifically; outsourcing to a network systems maintenance or IT support company is likely to be a much better option.

Outsourcing non-core business functions like computer network support can help boost growth and significantly reduce costs, as well as giving you improved peace of mind

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) can assume responsibility for monitoring, managing and resolving IT systems and functions for the business, providing it with routine, scheduled maintenance, problem identification and resolution, plus much more for a fixed monthly fee.

MSPs also offer a wide range of services, from alerts to data security to patch management to data backup and recovery. And, more importantly, they can perform these services on pretty much any device used for business, from desktop PCs to laptops to servers to mobile devices.

Below we look in detail at just a select few of the benefits of outsourcing your business’s IT Support to an MSP:


Financial benefits to outsourcing your computer support includes leaner staffing costs associated with hiring, training, insurance, and contributing to retirement plans. Outsourcing your IT support to a reputable MSP means that they are the ones responsible for the hiring and managing of employees, reducing your time spent on the hiring process. Fixed monthly contracts aid with budgeting.

Additionally your MSP team will have great insight into ways that you can save money by adopting certain IT strategies that they have seen work with other clients.

You can also take advantage of vendor relationships that have already been formed by the IT Support firm. They’ve spent their careers understanding the best technologies for their clients, and, therefore, aligning themselves with top-of-the-line vendors to ensure that you’re getting the best equipment at the best prices.

Trained IT Staff

Finding fully trained IT staff can be a lengthy and stressful process. Qualifications don’t necessarily mean experience, so there’s always the risk of hiring someone who may not be the appropriate person for the job at hand.

As it’s their core competency, MSP companies undertake the responsibility for hiring staff with specific qualifications and certifications. These professionals are often constantly learning and training as new technologies emerge with opportunities for further development.

Whatever your needs, the strategy of outsourcing IT functions is a great way to take advantage of knowledge unavailable to your team, or to free them up to work on other projects.

Focus on Core Business

If your IT team is focusing on the day-to-day maintenance of your servers, employee computers’ health, or data backups then they may be wasting valuable time that could be better spent implementing new technologies and systems.

An effective IT team isn’t reactionary in their dealings with your business technology; they’re proactive in their mission to consistently improve ways to boost your business productivity.

Take Advantage of an Expert Team

According to recent research, 34% of companies use outsourcing to gain access to IT resources unavailable internally. This could be relevant for a number of time-critical projects, new technologies that your current IT team can’t cope with, or because business is expanding at a faster than your current IT team can manage.

When you outsource your IT Support functions, you’re taking advantage of the experience of several dedicated personnel as opposed to hiring a single person. This combined knowledge of an entire team of IT experts that act as a support system for whatever may happen. With the collective experience of a team of IT professionals, outsourcing your IT support is a greater ROI than having an extra person in the office.

Strategic Consulting

Another advantage of working with a company whose core competency is IT services is that they’ll have a solid knowledge base of systems and processes that have worked for other clients and sometimes more importantly, an awareness of things that haven’t worked. If your IT team is looking to develop a strategy to implement in the future regarding the adoption of new technologies, then having an IT services firm in your corner is an enormous benefit.

Strategic decision-making when it comes to software and hardware should always lay in the hands of a qualified and technical-minded teams.

At Deep South IT, our highly skilled team are on your side when it comes to providing outsourced management of IT services, strategic insight and  consultancy services.

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